Annabeth Chase  | Art by  and coloring by me

As long as we’re together


I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone, honey if you stay you’ll be forgiven, nothing you could say can stop me going home. (art) (song)


Nico and his crow companion

since Nico has a death aura that scares animals away, I imagined that one day his aura attracted a crow, so they just started hanging out and shadow travelling everywhere together as best buddies :’)


i just wanted to draw hazel in 40s and fortuneteller clothes AU where Hazel and her mother survive Alaska and eventually she takes over the family business 

Mari asked me to color it!

Art by shanlightyear | Colored by thetitancurse


Today’s procrastination sketches. And yes, Annabeth’s broad shoulders are intentional because I refuse to picture her as having a stick-thin physique.


art prompt: percy inside a whale like pinnochio, except he’s totally having a friendly conversation with the whale about fish-politics. hella

I TRIED? Plastic bags are really bad okay.

(I really hope this art prompt wasn’t a weird fetish okay im scared)

Son of Hades. (x)


some before bed Hazel. Thanks to neitheram for the suggestion


I don’t know about you guys, but I want to see piper go all badass on Gaea in BoO.
Im talking a fight where she gets MAD. which will end up with a broken nose and black eye.

Just me? Okay.


"The crowd cheered. Annabeth planted a kiss on my cheek. The roaring got a lot louder after that."

-The Sea of Monsters, Rick Riordan

Finished rereading The Sea of Monsters. Onto di Angelo feels The Titan’s Curse!


Seriously craving fan art today, so I doodled some out of time siblings for my warmup :) I miss drawing pjo so bad.


He sat back in his leather aviator jacket, his black T-shirt and jeans, that wicked silver skull ring on his finger, and the Stygian sword at his side. His tufts of black hair struck up in curls like baby bat wings. His eyes were kind of sad and empty, as if he’d stared into the depths of Tartarus - which he had.”